Earning Grania Rewards Points

Earn on every of your stay with us. Depending on which type of villa you take and how long you stay, you may earn some bonus plus benefits.

One-Bedroom Villa Two-Bedrooms Villa
Direct Bookings 1,000 points / night 1,500 points / night
Other Channel Bookings 750 points / night 1,000 points / night

You may also earn points at our sister company at Gracia Bali Villas & Apartments

2 Bedroom Apartments 2 Bedroom Superior & Deluxe Villas
Direct Bookings 250 points / night 500 points / night

Other ways to earn:

  • Just spread the words and you can earn points in the same time
  • Private car / daily charter car is simply a must if you travel to Bali. Get it every time you are in Bali everywhere you stay, everywhere you are going to, we are ready to bring you around. Where else you can get a private car with the very competitive price with additional benefit points for your next stay!
Testimonials in TripAdvisor etc
  • Our guests always tell us how helpful it is to read past guest’ reviews before booking their own visits. And we’re always eager to hear what you liked and how we can improve. Now is your chance to help us and get points in the same time.
 Private Romantic dinner
  •  Enjoy your moment with your partner privately. We deliver a very romantic ambiance to make your nights unforgettable. By taking the dinners you will also get a plus points.
 Social Media Promotions
  • Follow our social media to stay up to date for some limited promotions and points!
Refer-to-friends  20% of your friend’s points
Hire a private car  250 points
Testimonials in Trip Advisor etc  500 points
Private Romantic dinner  250 points
Social Media Promotions  250 – 1,000 points
Stay up to date with the promotions!
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